PUIG – Windshield Custom I-0840H (smoke)


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CUSTOM I model windshield-high for round headlight of the PUIG Street Screen line. Manufactured in polycarbonate. These windshields stand out for their quality, easy assembly and their design.
These windshields, besides improving aerodynamics, offer a wind and cold protection appreciated by many riders when deciding on purchasing a windshield.
We have a universal model that fits most of round headlight motorcycles on the market. For some specific models a special kit is included.
All our windshields are delivered with simple and visual mounting instructions so in a few minutes your windshield can be mounted on your motorcycle. Four fixing points: 2 on the handlebar and 2 on the forks.
If you have a round headlight motorcycle, try us out and mount one of our round headlights windshields, you will not regret it.

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