28-100 ILIUM Big Gripper Pegs, R1200GS / A 2005 to 2013



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Description :
Ilium Works the BIG GRIPPER PEGS for 2005-2012 R1200GS AND 2005-2013 R1200GS ADVENTURE. These Gripper Pegs are CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum. The BIG GRIPPER PAD is black anodize and supplied with all stainless steel hardware.
Unlike other peg lowering systems you can have as many as 5 adjustable positions without tools from stock height to as much as 38mm (1-1/2″) down and forward.
The BIG GRIPPER PAD with aggressive grip measures 63.5mm (2-1/2″) x 98.4mm (3-7/8″) and can be either adjusted to a fixed angle or to rock with as much as 20 degrees of movement.
Fits: 2005-2012 R1200GS
2005-2013 R1200GS ADVENTURE

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