PUIG – Alloy Oil Filler Plug


PUIG alloy oil filler plug

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Description : These are the sweetest looking little alloy oil filler plugs I’ve ever seen. Of course everything from PUIG is top shelf quality.
These are designed for Japanese bikes (see the fitment chart) but I’ve supplied the thread measurements so you can determine if they also fit other makes of motorcycles.
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Pyramid Plastics Ltd

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Pyramid Plastics was founded in 1985 by Ben Bowser with an aim of “keep it simple, stupid!” Since then, Pyramid has been at the heart of bespoke aftermarket motorcycle accessory design. Pyramid’s accessories are not copies and we take pride in the fact that our designs are not to be found anywhere else! Diversity The Pyramid product range started wih what has become todays best selling and most arguably the most important accessory for any motorcycle: The Extenda Fenda. The simplicity of the product along with a low price tag has given motorcycle enthusiasts years upon years of enjoyment from their motorcycles by reducing the wear and tear on the exposed frontal parts of a motorcycle engine. Not content with a one off success, Ben followed another brilliant idea to replace the pillion seat on bikes where there is only one rider: The Pyramid Solo Sport Cowl. Integrating sporting design and a sharper look for motorcycles, the SSC side of Pyramid took off and once again revolutionised how motorcyclists accessorized their bikes. With business gaining speed, a new product niche was spotted. Once the front mudguard had been sorted, what about the back? Using the cabling and existing holes on the rear swingarm along with a bracket system, the rear mudguard was born. Selecting a name for this new niche product relied on some heavy thought. The mudguard which kept itself close to the rear tyre was henceforth known as “The Pyramid Hugger”. The term “Hugger” was coined but not trademarked, meaning a lot of bikers ended up using the term as slang.

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