30-400AA – ILIUM Hwy Pegs for ILIUM bars 30-200 / 34-200



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Ilium Works announces a significant development in Adjustable Highway Peg design for the R1200RTW and R1250RTW with Ilium Works 30-200 or 34-200 Engine Protection Guards.
We have redesigned our adjuster tube to a clear coat anodized aluminum making them much lighter and very durable.
Designed for the individual that finds it a challenge to reach our standard 26-800 highway pegs.
The 30-400AA Adjustable Highway Pegs will bring your foot from 2 inches to up to 5 inches closer to the rider from our engine guard bars.
Our new Highway Peg design is superior to existing designs for several reasons.
First of all is the mounting system that clamps securely to the stock 25mm engine guard frame.
Second, our large size urethane foot pad is very comfortable and rocks to accommodate different foot positions.
Third, is the 3″ of length adjustment that allows riders of different inseam lengths to be equally comfortable.
Fourth, these Highway Pegs fold away neatly next to the bike when not in use, preserving the uncluttered look of your BMW.
Fifth, these Highway Pegs, like all Ilium Works products, are designed and built specifically for BMW Motorcycles.
Also available in Black Anodize, Part# 30-400BL

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